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FAQs – Settings

Managed Profiles

All your Managed Profiles appear under settings. If you want, you can detach a profile. You should only do this where it is approrpriate to do so – ie the user is an adult and can look after their own profile, in accordance with our terms and conditions. To detach the profile, you need to ensure a valid email address is provided. A new password will be sent to that address, then the individual can login to the Pro-My Sport App with their own account details.

Sign Out

You can sign out from the App any time. You can then use the sign-in screen to sign in as a different user or to sign back in as yourself. If you have Managed Profiles associated with your user account, you do not need to sign out. You use your normal account login details to navigate to the Managed Profile account.

Ts and Cs

The latest version of the Pro-My Sport App End User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy can be found here. Whenever we change any of the Terms and Conditions you will be notified and asked to re-accept.

About Pro-My

This section tells you what version of Pro-My Sport you are using. If you need to get in touch with us, letting us know the version should help us help you.

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