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FAQs – I’m registered, what now?

Managers – Setting up clubs and teams

Once you are registered and have the mobile app downloaded you can login to create clubs and teams. First thing you need to do is create a club and then add a team to the club. Once you have created a team you can then add players to your team. As soon as the players accept your invitation to join the team they are ready to be selected for matches you set up.

Once your teams are ready you can create matches, or set up competitions and add the teams to competitions.

You can add or remove players from your teams at any time and you can also create squads as part of your teams help make it easier to manage matches if you use different groups of players for different matches.

Players – Joining teams and playing matches

Once you have registered as a player you can join teams and play in matches for those teams.

To join a team, you have to be invited by a manager and accept the invitation. To get a manager to invite you, then make sure they have the email address you use for your Pro-My Sport account. Once you are in team, you will get invited to matches (you can say whether you can play or not) and when the manager records the results of matches your performance information will be available in the App.

If you are under 18 you will need to have your account managed by another user and they will be able to receive team and match invitations on your behalf.

Supervisors adding a managed profile

Once you are registered as a user you can add “Managed Profiles” to your account. You manage these profiles on their behalf – accepting team and match invitations. Managed profiles are designed for parents to look after their children (So all communication from the team comes via the adult) or for managers to look after players in their team (with the players’ permission) if they don’t have ready access to the App, WebApp or email.

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